Saturday, January 15, 2011

Turkey Bacon Waffles / Apple Pie Alcoholic Drinks

I saw the waffle recipe here and thought it would be something worth trying.   Especially after a night of drinking and Rockband at the house.  The drink was my own concoction this time which is surprising since I rarely drink.  The recipe for both after the jump!

"Holy Uncle Buck!" Roommates response to waking up to these

First for the Apple Pie Alcoholic Drink

There is no real method to these just really good ingredients.  

A. Vanilla Extract I am making that is not quite finished so it is more like Vanilla Essense or Vanilla Vodka.  It has a much better and stronger flavor since it has about 10 vanilla beans per one cup of vodka.  I highly recommend making it and tons of information and recipes can be found here

B. About a shot or so of Dr. McGillicuddy's Lemon Drop

and finally

C. Simply Apple Juice (going for the cheap stuff would be a mistake on this one)

In the end it will taste like a delicious treat which I think is the way all alcoholic drinks should taste! "Uncle Buck" said it tasted like apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  

Now for the Bacon Waffles:

All I changed was the regular bacon to turkey bacon in this recipe.  I would just print out the recipe here since she has it so nicely laid out for printing! 

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