Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vanilla French Macarons

These little buggers were annoying the first three times I tried to make them so why I came back for more is beyond me.  I finally tried the Italian Meringue and had the best success.  These were slightly adapted from a blog that translated a Pierre Herme Recipe.  The ganache will be added later cause it is far too late and I have children to teach in the morning.  After eating one with out I am thinking dark chocolate ganache with a banana flavoring or mashed up banana would be amazing!

The Recipe: 

group 1:
150 g. almond flour sifted
150 g. powdered sugar
55 g. egg whites (aged) 
2 insides scraped out of vanilla beans

group 2: 
55 g. egg whites
40 g. bottled water
150 g. vanilla sugar.

1. measured group one and set aside together in a bowl.

2. Preheated the oven to 350 F.

3. Measured group two.

4. Put the second set of egg whites in the Kitchenaide on medium speed.
Put the water and vanilla sugar on medium heat on the stove and heated until it bubbled some.  When the meringue stuck to the whisk I slowly poured in the sugar syrup. (This is not how it is recommended but it worked.  If you would like to follow the original recipe it says to heat until it reaches 118 C or 244 F then pour sugar mixture in the meringue until it reaches 50 C or 122 F. )  I just whisked it until the meringue formed a nice peak when I took the whisk attachment out.  

5.  Fold together, pipe rounds, then bake. 

6.  I baked mine on 325 F for 8 minutes then opened the door, rotated the cookie sheet and baked for an additional 2 minutes.  

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