Wednesday, October 19, 2011

garlic breath and pizza heaven

Yup tried out making "clean" pizza.  Tony saw a recipe in one of the clean eating magazines and we tweaked it to our tastes.  The result was a very tasty dinner minus the grease and daily recommended allotment of calories in one meal.

As you can see I was focused on eating before I remembered I had picked up my blog again. In my defense I just got back from the gym and food is a must!

Monday, October 17, 2011

New title/ new cooking style.

So I had to change the title since I really cook mostly healthy food now.  I still love an occasional amazing chocolate filled creation or finding some way to incorporate smoked cheese but it is farther and fewer between.  This will also be very evident when I get to visit London and France in a few weeks.  For now though I wanted to update this with a meal I tried out that turned out to be surprisingly tasty! 

Orange-Poached Tilapia and Maple Lemon Carrots

The recipe after the jump: